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NASA is launching a 4G mobile network on the moon
日期:2020-10-19 00:00 作者: 来源:美国广播电视网 相似文章:0条
           Night time photograph of a waxing gibbous Moon, taken on November 14, 2013.Chris Rutter | Digital Camera Magazine | Getty ImagesLONDON — Just as 5G arrives on planet Earth, its predecessor is heading to the moon.

        NASA has selectedNokiato build the first-ever 4G mobile network on Earths natural satellite, the Finnish telecommunications firm announced Monday.

        The companys U.S. industrial research arm, Bell Labs, is offering up its equipment to NASA to help build out the lunar network, with the aim of launching it in late 2022.

        Under its Artemis program, NASA plans to send astronauts to the moon by 2024 — for the first time in five decades — followed by a "sustainable" human presence by 2028.

        Nokia says its 4G network will allow astronauts to carry out a number of activities including making voice and video calls, sending important data and deploying payloads. It plans to eventually launch 5G on the moon as well.

        Bell Labs was granted $14.1 million for the project, according to aCNN report. Nokia wasnt immediately available for comment when contacted by CNBC.

        The deal is a win for Nokia, which has been competing with Chinas Huawei and Swedens Ericsson for lucrative 5G contracts. It also comes as major carriers try to convince people to switch to 5G, which promises much faster download speeds and lower latency. Apple recently revealed the iPhone 12, itsfirst phone range to support 5G.