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One desal plant not enough to cope with booming population
日期:2020-01-09 23:20 作者: 来源:澳大利亚悉尼先驱晨报网 相似文章:0条
           The announcement that the NSW government is contemplating doubling the capacity of the Sydney desalination plant is welcome news ("Urgent boost to desal plant", January 9). With a population of over eight million people, 85 per cent of whom live within 50 kilometres of the coast (that’s almost seven million people) and a positive population growth, the NSW government should be looking at more than the expansion of the Sydney plant. Plants might also be considered for the Illawarra, the Central Coast and the Hunter, and places further north. Indeed, with a growing international market in tourism and new agricultural products we should be expanding desalination in other coastal locations as well. Given that many towns and hamlets across the Great Divide are having to truck in water, it is time for the government to initiate the development of an integrated water infrastructure plan that includes adequate storage, desalination, connectivity and recycling. - Perce Butterworth, Annandale

Illustration: Cathy Wilcox

Illustration: Cathy WilcoxCredit: While the desalination plant is now working to supply Sydney with much needed fresh water, its operation is very energy intensive. How about installing a solar farm with batteries as part of the announced fast-track expansion of the plant? and while the government is at it, it could consider the recycling of waste/storm water which is currently discharged kilometres offshore. - Elizabeth Elenius, Pyrmont Gladys Berejiklian suggests that she will add to the current desal plant. This is an exhibition of someone thinking ahead after a push from behind. Start the re-cycling today. When Labors Morris Iemma looked ahead at the desal plant he was earmarked as an idiot. Had he not built that, Sydney would be about out of water by now. I would go further and start work on a separate plant somewhere north of Manly, all on solar and wind (possibly tide as well), and some big batteries are a must. At the same time a few discrete reservoirs around the place. Have it all in big standby volumes. Also lets start the re-cycling today. - Doug McLaughlin, Bonnet Bay Sydneys population is set to balloon to 6 million over the next decade. I am sure we can fix the trains but not sure about the water supply. It is 60 years now since Warragamba Dam was completed when Sydney’s population was a fraction of what it is today. We may need a few more desalination plants to assist. Something will have to be done to secure water supply, including more recycling of water. - David Conde, Pymble